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About Us

Adventure Hound is owned and operated by Michael and Lauren Combs. All of the gear is made by hand in their garage and made to order. They believe that tools are not a substitute for training, but the right tool can make the training much more successful and fun. In addition to making dog gear, they also train and board dogs at their home. They live in Tennessee with their 4 Weimaraners, Jasper, Willow, Mumford, Violet, an Airedale Terrier called Oliver, and Ivy the Dalmatian.  

Meet Our Team:

Welcome to Adventure Hound! We want to take a moment to introduce ourselves to any new followers. We are Michael and Lauren, the owners, designers, creators, and manufacturers here at Adventure Hound. All of our collars and leashes are handcrafted by us in our home in New Market, TN. 

We began this adventure through a need for products to fit our dog-centric lifestyle. Having 6 personal dogs, plus training and boarding dogs as well, we have a unique view of the wants and needs of dog owners. So, we try to make products that are useful on multiple levels for any pup and their human. 

We may be the workhorses of the business, but we aren’t alone. Meet the rest of our team!


Sports authority.

Willow makes sure that there is a product for every sport and activity … when she can spare the time between chasing balls and frisbees. 


Spokespup and chief officer of fun and adventures.

He makes sure each day is the best day ever! His exuberance inspires the best products and keeps us creating new items. 


Spokespup and research and development.

Ivy tests the strength and durability of all new products to make sure they’re satisfactory. Through a series of trials like wrestling, rolling, and swimming, she puts new products throughout the wringer. 


Productivity and comfort specialist.

Mumford tries out new collars for fit and comfort, and makes sure our team is at our best by getting enough zzz’s. If you need him, he’ll be napping on the couch. 


Food service and disposal.

No member of the team will sacrifice attention to detail due to being distracted by hunger. She gives meal reminders frequently, even if she just ate, and she keeps a spotless workspace by cleaning up any loose crumbs. 


Honorary shop manager. 

Jasper keeps the shop on track and makes sure there are no shenanigans or tomfoolery during business hours. He also naps a lot.